Raw material


In Argentina, unlike other places in the world, there is a fishing prohibition destined for the manufacture of Fishmeal. For such a motive, the production of fishmeal and fish oils in our country, it is obtained from the fraction of the fish that is not destined for human consumption, making it a sustentable industry.

Freshness and Regularity

This guarantees a supply of constant Raw material throughout the year, as well as the freshness levels that allow us to obtain premium quality products.


The process of securing of our raw materials, begins from the service of logistics of fish packings, which consists of providing clean containers to the ship before the fishing task. The fishing ships use the containers to transport the catch. The fish processing plants, receive the fish, in the above mentioned containers, which are later removed from the plants for their later cleanning and resupplyment of the ship. This way we gather the containers with the fraction of processed fish that is not destined to human consumption. Through this system of supplying, we know with accuracy the origin of our raw material, assuring to us a system of traceability.