Investigation and Development


Harinoil is a company impelled by the investigation and the Development, which works to producespecial innovative products to satisfy the needs of the market and to offer new alternatives.

Harinoil commercializes products developed in its centers of investigation, which are introduced to the market as a clear reflex of the technological changes of the moment.

The high productiveness in the development of new products and the investigation of novel processes is the main challenge of Harinoil.

This response capacity to the different challenges regarding technological and environmental changes, has allowed us to evolve satisfactorily. But this evolution in general is a process of slow changes and the industry at present faces a challenge without precedents: high competition and scarce resources. This situation bears to that each of the industry members generates the necessary mechanisms to differ.

Harinoil S. A. has focused the investigation towards different targets on the animal nutrition field, making this process to be efficient.

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