Who we are

Founded in 1965 on the City of Mar del Plata, Province of Buenos Aires with the mission of making high quality fishmeal and fish oils for consumers around the world.

Agustiner became an industrial holding specialized in the making of Flours, Oils and other by-products from the fishing industry. With a strong international vocation, the Agustiner Group is today the world's first producer of dehydrated solubles and Argentina's main exporter of fishmeal.

This leadership is based upon a solid foundation of principles that characterize the management of the Group. A consistent exportation policy and permanent reinvestment in technological, industrial and commercial developments and the construction of a successful model of investigation that along with a socially responsible management that encourages an ecological conscience and the care for the environment. We assume the preservation of non-renewable resources and the protection of the environment as an obligation to the community; a long term investment for the well-being of all the citizens.

We are a flexible company, with big response capacity and innovative solutions. We interpret the consumers needs and develop specific products for them.

For us, in the field of business, transparence and the fulfillment of the commitments that we assume, become an indisputable premise and the base to any lasting commercial bond.